Monday, July 12, 2004

To Remember All the Victims of 9/11

Having grown up in New Jersey, New York City was a second home for me and the World Trade Towers were like old friends. I live in Florida now and could not completely comprehend the horror of that day from here, but I got an eerie feeling when I went back up North to visit in 2002 and my cousin took my family and me to Ground Zero. She still lives in NJ. In the City she pointed out many things, but what stands out the most for me was looking at the insides of the store windows where everything was just frozen in time and covered in "after-dust". She told me how human fragments were still being removed from A/C and heating vents of buildings in the immediate area.

I didn't know anyone personally, so I thought it would be most appropriate to ask God to bless America and remember ALL the victims of that terrorism, from the people who were killed, to their families and friends, to the ones who have to live there and see its effects on an every-day basis. 

The love and patriotism I felt when I was in New York City that summer day in 2002 was amazing, and for all those victims - I wear this Memorial Bracelet proudly.

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