Wednesday, July 28, 2004

To Help People Remember Soldiers Need Our Support

I was very excited when I found this Memorial Bracelet because I am one of those people who had a POW bracelet. I do still have it; however, it cracked because I wore it so much. Although I don't have anyone in active duty, my duty, as an American is to help people remember there are so many soldiers still there that need our support. If I were rich I would be sending many, many items to them. Right now, I have one adopted soldier (cannot reveal name) and I am on the Presidential Prayer Team and pray for 28 specific soldiers from that sight. I am also a teacher and have had a patriotic wall since 9/11. My class has written letters to the military, drawn pictures and we did a small musical tribute to some local soldiers. I have ordered yellow ribbon magnets for my truck and extras to put on my classroom door. So in my small ways, this is how I pay tribute to the soldiers. The bracelet will help me do that, too.

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