Wednesday, July 14, 2004

For SSG Wentz Shanaberger

I ordered a KIA bracelet in remembrance of Army Staff Sgt. Wentz Shanaberger who was killed in an ambush in Iraq. He was a platoon leader of a Military Police unit investigating suspicious rebels on March 24th when he was struck by enemy fire.

As a new Private, I remember Shanaberger when I first arrived to Fort Polk, La. right after Basic Training and MP school. We worked together for many years and deployed to Panama in 1999 as the last Military Police unit before the U.S. turned over control of the Panama Canal to the Panamanian's.

I left the Army just before 9-11, but Wentz continued to serve his country and sacrifice the time he could have spent with his wife and five children. I wasn't surprised to hear he was still in the Army or that he died in combat. The Sergeant loved the Army and loved the job he did in the Army. It was a real shame to lose a great soldier and trainer of soldiers.

Your bracelet will help me keep an old friends memory alive and will show others who see it that this country has the greatest military members on earth. Wentz will surely serve as a great soldier in Gods Army now . . .

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