Saturday, January 12, 2002

For the Heroic Passengers of Flight 93 who Saved my Life

I live in Pennsylvania.  Which kind of was right between the events of September 11, 2001.  To the north of us, the towers were being attached.  To the south of us, the Pentagon was hit.  And what seemed to be right next door, when in distance it was probably 165 miles to the west of Lancaster County, the United Airlines flight 93 crashed after a very heroic attempt by several passengers to take the plane back from the terrorist.

To this day, I truly believe those heroic individuals of Flight 93 saved my life.  You see, I live within a five mile radius of the Three Mile Island Nuclear plant.  Many people here believe that the plane was directed to come to the Nuclear Plant to complete the final path of destruction from New York to Washington DC.  If indeed the plane had hit the towers, there would have been nothing to speak of from New York through Pennsylvania and down to Washington DC.  That is why I requested the bracelets from Flight 93 with Todd Beamer and Tom Burnett on them.  I, along with a lot of other thankful people, owe it to the true heroes of the day that were on the plane that crashed her in PA.  I am 36 years old and did not want to see my life, or anyones life come to an end that morning.  I will always remember the events of September 11, and I will always remember the people on Flight 93, that gave their lives so that I could continue living my life.  

The other bracelet I bought with the NYFD persons name on it is a gift to a young man I work with at Yellow Freight.  Ever since Sept. 11, he has traveled back and fourth from here to New York to assist in helping with the clean up of the towers.  He is a paramedic and stands ready to deal with people who may become ill or injured in the clean up.  I think he will really like the token of my appreciation for him giving so much of himself and his free time.


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