Tuesday, January 08, 2002

For 24 Year Old Volunteer Fire Fighter Welles Crowther

The name on my bracelet is Welles R. Crowther.  Wells was 24 years old.  Hew was a member of the Nyack Volunteer Fire Department's Empire Hook and Ladder CO. No. 1 of Upper Nyack, New York of which I am also a member. 

Wells was a securities trader working on the 107th floor/tower 2 of the World Trade Center.  After the first plane struck tower 1, Welles phoned his father's workplace to let him know that hew as okay and evacuating, but had to leave him a message.  He then phoned his mother's cell phone and left her the same message.  Shortly after this, tower 2 was struck by the second plane.  Wells has not been accounted for since.

I have been friends with the Crowther family for many years watching Welles grow from a boy to a young man.  At the request of the family, I had the honor of conducting the firematic portion of the memorial service held for Welles a few weeks latter.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Welles' family.

Bill C.

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