Monday, September 08, 2014

For MSgt. Aaron Torian

I ordered some bracelets in memory of MSgt Aaron Torian who was serving with my son in Afghanistan. My son came home alive, MSgt Torian did not. My son has a great admiration for this operator and has an aluminum Memorial Bracelet, but I thought a paracord bracelet would be more durable, because the loss will never go away.


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Gabriel Mares said...

Ms Paulette, My son also served this last deployment with MSGT Torian.
He wrote home speaking of the highest regard for this soldier and to also advise that he was gone.
Please hug your son for me if you can, and relay my most sincere gratitude.
He is my sons brother, I probably have his picture on my wall.
I pray that he is well and reintegration was not difficult for him.
God bless.