Thursday, September 16, 2010

For PFC Bowe Bergdahl

I was a Viet Nam era Army wife, so I know what it is like to have someone on foreign soil, putting their life down on the line to preserve the freedoms and rights we citizens of the U.S. have and often take for granted. During the Viet Nam war, I wore a MIA/POW bracelet for an Army Colonel for 7 years, but he was never found or recovered, so I put it away for safe keepings. Every year I search the Army List, but still his name has never appeared.

So one day on Facebook, I saw an Ad in the Right column about the Memorial Bracelets and clicked on it to see what it was all about. When I discovered they were similar to the heavy, thick silver MIA/POW bracelet I wore for so long, I knew I wanted to wear another one for another MIA or POW service person overseas. I discovered PFC Bowe Bergdahl is the ONLY American service person held as a POW in Afghanistan, so I knew he was the one I wanted to choose and wear my bracelet for him.

Before I even received my bracelet in the mail, I did a lot of research on Bowe and discovered there is not only a lot of controversy surrounding his capture and rumors that he surrendered over to the Taliban, there has been little to nothing by the US Army, or our government, or anyone to bring him safely home to his family, friends and the girl he wants to marry. There have been small rallies for him in his home state of Idaho and some Senators are trying to convince our government to do some prisoner trading for Bowe, but so far......nothing.

Bowe and I have some things in common, mainly our love for dance. So upon his safe return to Idaho and his family, I want to give him some time to readjust to civilian life (as I assume, if I were he, he will want to get out of the service after all of this......and I would not blame him one bit. Then I would love to fly to Idaho, meet his family, his girl and him (maybe even attend their wedding).......and give him the bracelet with his name on it that I have not had off my wrist since I received it in the mail.......except to take this picture of it.

I know it looks like I have a skinny (I do!!) black (I'm not) wrist, but actually I am white and that is my black stapler on my desk the bracelet is wrapped around......the only thing I could find at the time I took the picture of it.

I have posted this picture and messages about Bowe on my Facebook, my Twitter and my E-Mails, asking for prayers for his safe return and for his family and friends. When some of my Facebook friends saw the picture, they wrote to ask where they could get one also and I sent them straight to , hoping they also will order and wear them.

Pat D.
Atlanta, Georgia

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