Thursday, September 09, 2010

For Angel Juarbe Jr.

Almost 7 years ago or so I ordered a 9/11 Memorial Bracelet from you guys for a firefighter I knew who passed away on Sept 11th 2001. I wore that bracelet ever day. It never came off of my wrist no matter what I was doing. I would go thru metal detectors at the airport and refuse to take it off and took the wanding treatment instead. I wore it thru the fire academy to remind me that some gave everything so I should give my all. It was like my own little cheerleader telling me to keep going when the academy got hard. The bracelet of Angel Juarbe Jr rode on my right hand until I lost an even closer friend in Iraq in 2007. I then moved Angels bracelet to my fire helmet where it remained until someone stole it from my helmet. But long story short, it was a great reminder as to never forget the ones we love and never forget what they gave up for us. Thank you to your company for such a great product. It held up to everything I put it thru at the fire house. I hope to never HAVE to order another bracelet, but if I do it will definitely be from you guys!

Thanks again,
Firefighter Mark M.
Miami Twp. Fire/Rescue
Yellow Springs, Ohio

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