Monday, June 28, 2010

To Keep Bowe Bergdahl in My Heart and Prayers

I bought the POW Bracelet to keep Bowe Bergdahl and his family in my heart and prayers until he comes home alive and well.

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PatDaz said...

I also purchased a Memorial Bracelet for PFC Bowe Bergdahl today.
I was not only a child of the 60s and the Viet Nam war era, my ex-husband was a 1st Lt. who lost his whole platoon in Nam, and he led another platoon, whose commander was killed, for the rest of his tour. But his first duty was on secret recon mission into Cambodia and I did not hear from him for almost 6 weeks! The longest year of my life in 1970-71 until he returned safely home.
I wore and still have my Viet Nam MIA/POW Memorial bracelet for many, many years, then I put it safely in my Safety Deposit Box, its final resting place.
With a major war going on again, this time in the Middle East, I want to honor, pray and hope for the safe return of Bowe to his family and friends. So dedicated, so young, only age 23. I will wear this bracelet proudly in honor of him and his service to his country...and hope for his safe return home SOON.
PatDaz in Atlanta