Wednesday, June 16, 2010

For Col.Charles E. Shelton USAF 29 Apr 1965 Laos

The idea of me of wearing my bracelet originally came from my uncle, who is still on active duty with the Army for over 20 years. He has worn his bracelet for over 8 years. I have always had a great respect for anyone that has served in any armed forces, that allows me to live my life without fear in our great country. I wanted to wear a name that is from my home state of Kentucky, and I came across Col Charles E. Shelton. After ordering my bracelet, I began to research Col. Shelton and began to find a man with an amazing story. I studied all I could about him so I may pass on his story and educate anyone that asks about my bracelet. I love the fact that I can speak about him and honor his name and family on a daily basis.

President Reagan once said "A country that forgets is fighting men, is a country that in itself will be forgotten." And I find this holds true every day, especially for all the men and women who gave thier lives for our freedom. I wear my bracelt to never forget and to spread the awareness to whom might take thier liberties for granted. I am honored and priviledged to wear my bracelet everyday and to never let anyone ever forget Col. Charles E. Shelton Owensboro, Ky.
Greg C.
Louisville, Ky


Unknown said...

Greg, I too have a POW/MIA bracelet with the name of Col.Charles E. Shelton. I got my bracelet in 1970 when they first came out. I am proud to wear his name and tell people mostly the younger kids about what it represents and that he fought for our country with pride. Today is veterans day and along with Col.Shelton I will be remembering my Father who fought in WWII and all who are fighting for our country today. May God speed and keep them safe and bring them home to their loved ones.

Vivian J. Howard said...

I also wear Col Shelton's bracelet because his brother is my best Friend. I keep hopeing and praying that one day he will return. May God be with you Charles where ever you might be. Heaven I'm Sure. Looking forward to meeting you if you do return.

Seaman Bright said...

14 SEP 12

I also wear the bracelet with Col. shelton's name. I do not remember the year I began to wear it. I received it at a LZ Bluegrass event honoring Vietnam Vets. It has become a part me. I was honored to find his name incribed on the vietnam mormorial, at Higland Memory Garden in Mount Washington, KY, where I live. I have left instructions for either my son or one of my granddaughter's to wear it after I am gone.
I served on the USS Forestal(CVA-59) during the fire when she was on her Wespac cruise.
I consider it an honor to wear the bracelet. Today I visited the moving wall and found col shelton's as well as the names of the 134 men who died on 29 JUL 67 because of the fire and explosions that day.

Unknown said...

Kind of makes me wonder how many of these get made per POW/MIA. Not that i'm against it, we NEED to keep awareness high.

Personally, I've worn Captain/Colonel Shelton's bracelet for about 7 years. I'm getting ready to retire the end of this year, so I did a little research on the Colonel's status. Since he had been declared deceased, I don't wear that bracelet anymore (I do wear a bracelet for a troop of mine that was killed in Afghanistan last year).

My Dad lives in Kentucky, about 3 hours from Owensboro, and I sent the bracelet to him. Next week he's taking it to the Owensboro Parks & Recreation Department for jnclusion in Col Shelton's Memorial along the riverfront.

Just thought I'd share tht with you guys.

Jeffrey L. Spitzer
Chief Master Sergeant, U.S. Air Force