Monday, February 01, 2010

For LCpl Dennis Veater

First I want to thank you for doing what you do. To many people tend to forget about those who have givin there lives for our freedoms. You help us remember them not just in our memories. It has taken me three years to breakdown and order my Memorial Bracelet, for my fallen Marine. His name was LCpl Dennis Veater. I was his Cpl in charge of him throughout our deployment. His death did not sit well with me and still doesn't. I have blamed alot of people along with myself for it. I will be visiting his grave for the first time since I last saw him alive 3 years coming in March. I will wear this bracelet proudly and hope he and his family know I have never forgotten that day. He was a great Marine and friend. Semper Fi.
Sgt Darryl Zimmerman USMC

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All Over the Place Mom said...

Sgt Zimmerman,
Nothing I write here will ever scratch the surface of how I truly feel, as words do not do my feelings justice.
Thank you so very much for wearing a bracelet for my brother, Dennis. It means so much to me and our entire family to know that he is truly remembered for the amazing young man he was.
As I read your sentence about blame, I began to cry. I too, blamed, well, more accurately, I felt much anger, or dare I say, hatred towards so many after Dennis's death. I hated President Bush, I hated the Marine Corps, the man at the Reserve Unit that asked my brother to volunteer, and I hated myself for not being able to convince him to stay, not to go. I felt that if I was a better sister, I could have talked him into staying in college, staying within these borders, not going to war. It has taken me almost 3 years to realize that the man I respected and loved is the man that would follow his heart and join the Corps. He was honorable for volunteering. Everything I love about him made him do the things that put him in that situation.
Please, do not blame yourself. Its like trying to rationalize something very irrational: war. You were doing your job to the best of your abilities, that's all you could do. Please know that no one blames you.
Though we (my parents, siblings and I) do not know the names of all of you brave men that served with Dennis, please know that we think of you daily. I often wonder how you are all getting on with your lives, if you ever think of Dennis, if you have found happiness, if being near someone that was killed haunts you (and pray that it doesn't), if you have any stories about Dennis that you cherish and what they are. I could continue on with my questions, but I won't bore you. What I would like you to take from this comment is simply a sense of appreciation for continuing to keep Dennis's memory alive and appreciation and respect for your service to our great nation.
May this find you well and in good spirits.
Semper Fidelis, devil dog.
Karen Veater Walker
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