Thursday, December 10, 2009

For Rob From the 75th Battalion

Rob served four years of duty with my son. Both Rangers and fearless. My son opted to leave and become engaged, while Rob's decision was to continue on with the 75th Battalion. He came to our house to visit while on leave a few times, to see Tom my son. Rob had a kindred spirit,a beautiful smile and just left me feeling good.

On the morning of his death I had dreamed about a very bad thing happening on a road far away from me and I couldn't do anything to help. My son came out of his room that day, his eyes full of tears. He said I have some really bad news for you. Rob was killed by a roadside bomb this morning. Together we cried and hugged. Our hearts hurt for Rob and his family. After, I walked out onto my deck and looked to the sky to pray for Rob, when a huge bald eagle came over soaring. It stayed over head for what seemed like an hour, me being lost in trance. As it finally flew away I cried and prayed for Rob to soar on eagles wings and bid him farewell.

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Chris said...

What an amazing story, I'm very sorry for your loss. My best Friend Lcpl. Zach Smith was recently killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanastan a couple weeks ago. When we had the procession back home for Zach, a bus full of his family and friends were driving down the road when we also saw a bald eagle flying overhead...I've never believed in signs before, but after feeling Zach's presence that day and reading your similiar story it makes you wonder.