Thursday, December 10, 2009

For My Dad: Sgt/Maj.Cyril E. Stirnkorb

My Dad was a career soldier who loved his country. He was a 1st sgt at the age of 26 and a sgt/maj at the age of 36. At the age of 39 he went to Viet Nam and three weeks later he died. He left behind a wife and 7 children. My mom raised us alone with only her widow and war orphan allotment. My father was a true patriot and he gave his life for his country. He was a loving husband, father, son and brother. They made a mistake on how he died which resulted in him not receiving his purple heart. We are at the present time trying to locate anyone who might have served with him in Viet Nam. Thank you sincerely for your interest and concern. May you all have A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!!!!!! God Bless You All!!!!!!


drmrjim said...

I was a company clerk in the 24th Inf Div Headquarters Company in Augsburg and worked with Sgt Major Stirnkorb for almost two years. He was a fine man and one of the very few career military men I would have followed unhesitatingly into battle. I like him very much and was very sad to learn that he had passed. SP4 James Marshall

rich said...

I was a soldier in the 24th ID HQ company in Augsburg in the 1965 -1966 time period.. I knew the Sgt Major well. He was an outstanding man, patriot and soldier. I too was sadned when we heard he had died in Nam.

Anonymous said...

I had the very great pleasure of serving under Sgt Major Stirnkorb in HHQ Troop, 2nd Squadron, 9th US Cavalry at Warner Kaserne, Munich in 1967.

SMaj Stirnkorb was a gentle, compassionate NCO for whom I had nothing but the greatest respect.

RIP Top.


Unknown said...

I too served with Sgt Major Stirnkorb in Germany 1967. I will always remember how he helped me out with stuff. On training out in the field it was my job to be on night watch and wake up the NCOs first thing in the morning. When I would go to the Sgt Major's bunk he was always awake with just a whisper. Before I would finish my, "Sergeant Maj.........." he would be up. He was one of my real heroes....and that was over 40 years ago. Rich Risica

Unknown said...

I too worked with Sgt Major Sternkorb in Munich Germany. He was always someone I respected and honored. He was a true hero to me. I was with him 1966-1967. On training missions I used to be in charge of waking up the NCOs in the field. When I'd go to his bunk, before I could finish, "Sergeant Maj....." he would jump out of the sack. Like he was on duty in his sleep. He was a great guy.
I didn't know that he died in August of 1967. I was discharged in Feb of 1968 and I thought he was still in Munich when I got out. But it was over 40 years ago and I must not remember well.