Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I purchased, and have chosen to wear this Memorial Bracelet in rememberance of SFC David J Todd. Although I did not know him, he did in fact touch my life. I am a soldier in the National Guard and I was deployed to Afghanistan from April 2008 to Dec 2008. I acted as a medic while deployed and during this time I, and several others from my platoon were called on to act as pallbearers for two of our fellow soldiers who had been killed earlier that day. One of these soldiers was SFC Todd. I acted as his pallbearer and escorted him onto the aircraft that carried him home. I will always consider it a great honor and privilage to have been able to do that for him and his family. That is why I have chosen to wear this bracelet.


Marla S

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Anonymous said...

I am the mother of SFC David James Todd, Jr., I wear our son's memorial bracelet as soon as received it, it has never been taken off. Thank you Marla for serving as Pallbearer for our son. Just don't know how to thank you, but you can reach me @, if you wish.