Friday, August 21, 2009

For Injured Veteran Sgt Cathy A. Mistrot

Our Veteran, Sgt Cathy A. Mistrot, received her Prayer Tag today engraved as follows:

Sgt. Cathy A. Mistrot
"St. Dymphna Strengthen Us."

She is out of ICU and still having medical treatment inpatient. The rehab will be intensive and long but the Drs and rehab staff are starting to talk more about treatment and housing options for the future.

Cathy was so happy when I gave her the tag. She was able to read aloud her rank and name and identified the Airforce Insignia. She also read aloud the one line prayer.

Sgt. Cathy A Mistrot is making a slow but good recovery. She is very happy to have her prayer tag, is wearing it outside her hospital jonny and is very proud when anyone notices it and asks if they may read it.

Thank you so much. You have helped our family and especialy our injured veteran.


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Anonymous said...

Our Veteran Sgt. Cathy A. Mistrot,
died on May 4, 2010.

A shining light in Heaven, in God's own care.