Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lest We Forget Freedom Isn't Free

My Mother and I were driving into town one day behind a car whose back was almost completely covered in bumper stickers, and there was one in particular that made me want to resort to acts of road rage. I don't remember the exact wording (and I wouldn't repeat it if I could) but the basic idea was that our President is a miniature Hitler and all the soldiers who have died in the war on terrorism were nothing more than greedy murderers who only fought so that the US could steal innocent people's oil rights!

Now I don't have any close family in the Military, but I am a patriot and I love the people who make up my country. And I believe that God still has a plan for this nation. So when I read that bumper sticker it made me mad enough to spit nails. Because the only reason that the person who owned that car could have had the freedom to display such a dishonoring message was because of the brave men and women fought and gave their lives for that person's rights and freedoms. And whether the owner of that car realized it or not, they were dishonoring the only things that protect their rights to publicly trash their country's honor. So I started to look for a way I could show my support for our troops and my country without resorting to acts of violence (such as road rage) and I came across your website. I ordered a bracelet with the words "Lest We Forget" on it because if our country is to keep it's freedom we have to remember that our freedom isn't free.


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