Sunday, April 15, 2007

For German Citizen Jens Schelbert Who Sacrificed Himself for America

I ordered my KIA bracelet for my friend Jens Schelbert. He will truly be missed. Jens didn't have to be in Iraq..he was born a German citizen, and came to the United States with his mom as a child. He enlisted in the Army and loved it very very much that he stayed in and got his citizenship. He was so proud of it. Every young tanker that he ever worked with..and every NCO around him and above him respected him greatly. I do not know many men who are half as good as he was..and always will be. He truly had a kind and generous heart and totally gave of himself to everyone around him. Few are left whom are as great as he. I shall always miss you my dear friend...I have worn my bracelet everyday for you...and always think of you because of remind me that you sacrificed what many Americans wont for their own country....themselves.

Auf Wiedersehen meine sanfte Seele

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