Saturday, March 03, 2007

In Respect for the Vietnam Veterans Who Served Before Me

I ordered a bracelet because after 3 tours in Iraq, I developed a profound respect for the Vietnam Veterans who served before me. Moreover, I feel strongly that those who have served and given even more than the “ultimate sacrifice” (to me MIA is the only thing worse than KIA), must be remembered and accounted for. The final factor was that I found the name of someone from my hometown (a VERY small town in MN) who was still listed as “XX—Unaccounted for.”

I know his family and I had no idea that someone from my hometown was still listed as missing in Vietnam. That’s unacceptable. Not only do I plan to wear the bracelet, but I am going to ensure the town remembers him during Memorial and Veterans’ Day celebrations.

Very Respectfully,

Major, USAF

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