Friday, October 08, 2004

For our Nephew Raymond Losano

Raymond Losano was our nephew. He was like a son to my husband and myself. I stood across from him as his first child was born and watched a boy become a man/father. We took him to the recruiter the last time he went to sign his final papers. Losing him was like losing our own son who is in the US Navy and was in Iraq aboard the USS Constellation when his cousin was killed. His wife and children (his wife was expecting their second child when he died) live here in Tucson so we see them very often, just as Raymond would have wanted us to. His parents live in TX so we are the kids grandparents here in Tucson. Raymond lived here when he joined the AF. Again, I love my bracelet and after I show it to other family members, I'm sure we will be ordering more. On Oct. 18 we will be in San Diego watching our son sail away again to parts unknown to do his duty once again as a Sailor in the US Navy. We just hope and pray he and all the others come home safely.

A Very PROUD Navy Mom and still grieving Air Force Aunt

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