Friday, October 08, 2004

For Felix A. Vale

After September 11 I donated as much money as I could to orphans, spouses, and fire fighters. I heard about Memorial Bracelets and found your site a year later, but couldn't figure out how to choose from so many names. It is simply overwhelming.

I told my mom about the bracelets and she told me that she and my father wore MIA-POW bracelets during and after the Vietnam War (my father is a 95% disabled Vietnam Veteran). I was very touched.

This year I decided to finally order my bracelet. The site offered a random selection of names. Felix A. Vale was the random selection. Before I placed my order, I looked up his memorials online. I found that he was only 29 years old, and lived with and supported his mother. His little brother also died that day at the WTC (he had gotten him a job). I was saddened that only one friend wrote an obituary note.

I was able to find that personal touch with Felix. I returned to your site and ordered the bracelet.


Monica Rod said...

Thank you so much..

On behalf of my family and for Ivan and Felix..

thank you for ordering a bracelt..Cherishing his memory is very important to us..

God bless you and your family...

and thank you again...

Unknown said...

I am Felix' brother and want to thank you for the kind words. Felix and Ivan were indeed kind individuals. We werent raised with much money but we knew we were luckier than many. Felix would give his clothes and sneakers to those less fortunate. If he saw someone hungry he would drive to the nearest restaurant and bring them food. Ivan was an awesome individual who loved life tremendously. He was an animal lover and went out of his way to help. a bit much in my opinion. i a 1 bedroom apartment he had iguanas, dog, cats and rabbits. what a nut!. Miss them so much.

Thanks for remembering them.


Tesoro said...

I went to school with Felix. This is the 1st time I see this website. Are the bracelets still available?