Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Because I Feel a Connection to Those Who Lost Family and/or Friends

I'm a captain in the US Air Force who was born and raised in Brooklyn.  I attend Brooklyn Technical HS, Borough of Manhattan Community College and had jobs around the Wall Street area.  I'm a New Yorker to the core.

For years I've seen my fellow airmen wear POW remembrance bracelets and always said one day I'd get one.  While I was searching the internet for some 9/11 information, I came across your site.  I ordered a Memorial Bracelet immediately. 


I had many friends that worked in the WTC and my mother was trapped on the IRT during the blast.  Thank God they all survived but I feel a connection to those who lost family and/or friends.  

I let the site randomly select a name for me; Maria Isabel Ramirez.  I plan to wear this bracelet for as long as I serve in the military.  It will stand as a reminder of why I put on my uniform every day and give my all . . .for my family, for the Air Force and for NYC.

Aubrey W.

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