Friday, March 28, 2003

To have a physical reminder of my son in Iraq

I received my first of 2 bracelets ordered & I am overwhelmed. My son, Sgt. Robert Hall is in the 3rd Infantry in Iraq. I am having a very difficult time & am doing all I can to have a physical reminder of him with me every minute of every day. I absolutely love my bracelet & will wear & show it proudly until his safe return home.

The 2nd one is for his new wife he married just 5 weeks before being deployed. He was stationed overseas & married in the Philippines so we are going through the INS process to get her here. She of course misses him terribly. I had been wanting to get her a special little gift of some kind & when I learned of your site through a friend at work who had gotten a bracelet for one of the 911 victims. I immediately went to your site to order.

Debbie K.

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