Tuesday, July 12, 2016

For Lindsay S. Moorehouse

This is bittersweet. I received my Lindsay S. Moorehouse bracelet today from Memorial Bracelets. In a world filled with violence, we should not have to worry about our children not coming home as so many people are experiencing. Lindsay was in the World Trade Center on 911. Like so many others, there are so many chapters to her beautiful life. She was waiting on her Little with the Big Brother
Big Sister Program. They had just found one for her. She was to meet her that week. I know the anticipation, the excitement, the waiting. If you read her story in Big Magic, like so many others, she
was a beautiful young lady with a beautiful future ahead of her. I will wear this bracelet in her honor. I will not let her light go out. I will one day tell my Little her story. She will always shine. Darkness cannot put out light and a beautiful spirit.

Bobbi H.

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