Wednesday, April 02, 2014

For My Brother Mike Klingner

  • My brother, Mike Klingner, was a F-100 pilot during the Vietnam war. He was lost in Laos in 1970. His current status is KIA/MIA.

    In 1985, I was shopping in our local supermarket. At the checkout, I noticed my cashier was wearing a metal bracelet. I asked her about the bracelet. She had just picket a name off "The Wall" to honor a fallen veteran. The name she was wearing was my brother.

    Since that encounter, I've always worn a bracelet honoring my brother.

    I never saw that beautiful cashier again!

Tom K.


Kat said...

I got chills while reading your comment. I too, wear a bracelet. My husband bought it for me. He also wears one and my son, dog tags. My uncle was in that war. He is home, but never talks about it. I had to comment because the day you wrote yours, is my oldest Son's Birthday.
Never forget, Always Hope

Natalie said...

This gives me chills - what an amazing encounter. Know you're brother is always with you and I believe at that moment it was his way of tell you hi in this world!