Sunday, January 12, 2014


Dean was my big brother and best friend.  We had two half brothers who have passed away, and one half brother who I thank God that is still alive. To me he is just my brother, and I love him just the same. Dean and I were very close in age and usually were the only ones we could depend on. Our older brother, when he was 17, went into the Army. One died at 6 months, the other was born the day after my 12th birthday.

Dean was born December 19, 1946.  I was born March 8, 1948, so we were close in age and a year apart in school. He was the best man when I got married. We double dated a lot. So I want everyone to know how great he was. I was pregnant with our son when my husband was in Vietnam. He was wounded, spent 5 months in a hospital, then went back too finish his tour. Dean was in OCS when he came home on leave, he went out bought my crib for the baby's clothes, then bought baby clothes and diapers to fill it. He was more to me than just a big brother, I think of him every day.

My husband spent to tours in Vietnam received the Purple Heart, plus others. He says his most cherished is his CIB badge. I crosse stitched him a picture for it. As he was a lifer a lot of his buddies saw it and asked me to make them one Jerry was in the Army when we got married so I got to spend 23 years as an Army wife and loved and was very proud to be one. So maybe that can tell you why I think our men or women who have served and our still severing our country get respect they deserve. TO BE HONEST tho my heart belongs mostly to the Vietnam VETS, they still haven't got the welcome home they never got.


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