Friday, November 08, 2013

For Major James Fowler

During the Vietnam war I wore the bracelet honoring Major James Fowler who was POW/MIA. Since then he was found to be KIA. He is never far from my mind/prayer. I have just ordered a Memorial Bracelet with his name so that once again, he will be close.

Deb W.


Richard White said...

Deb, please contact me. A time capsule was recently found and opened at Burlington Township High School in Burlington, NJ which contained a POW bracelet for Major Fowler. We are trying to find out who might have placed it in the capsule.

Thanks, Richard White

Molly Sue said...

I taught his kids at the time he became missing in action. If anyone would like to pass on his POW bracelets with a message, I know it would be greatly appreciated. It was 43 years ago yesterday that his plane went down.

Molly Sue said...

I taught his children in middle school when his plane was shot down. For years it was thought he was a POW. If anyone would like to pass on his bracelets to his children, or send messages, please let me know.