Friday, August 12, 2011

For my son Spc. Kelly J. Mixon

His mother and I met while stationed in Stuttgart West Germany. We met and had a small fling just before I left for Alabama. I only found out he was my son about 4 years ago. I got the chance to tell him about his family on my side, about me, my job ... you get the picture. Anyway, I got the chance to talk to him as he was trying to enter the Marine Corp.

He chose the Army for various reasons. He signs up, and gets chosen for "Sniper School". He graduates youngest in his class, and my understanding of it was that out of 70 something, he finished 12 or 14th. He goes to Afghanastan, gets in a "Stryker Unit. (I work at Anniston Army Depot. We built and rebuilt the tanks used over there). Well anyway, he goes on a sweep of some area there. He and his medic dismount the vehicle and a suicide bomber runs up and ignites his vest. My son and the son of another grieving family were killed instantly. I wish I could have met him, and talked to him face to face and not just over the phone. It would have been cool to have been able to hang out with him for just one day.

I'll will wear his Memorial Bracelet until the day I can meet him face to face.

Thomas V. U.

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art death dead art said...

I did a portrait of Kelly and he said it wasn't your fault..I misspelled his last name on my blog and don't know how to fix's at