Friday, June 03, 2011

For My Wife's Brother Lost in Nam

I have a very strong love for our country and a deep respect for the people who have given us what we have today. I was drafted in late 1972, reported, but was rejected and was hurting that I could not do my part. When I hear the national anthem, it always brings a tear to my eyes, every time! I read about men clutching an old flag or even a small piece of it and it also brings tears to my eyes. I just recently got married and have found out that my wife lost her brother in nam, it is hard for her to even think of it. He was a navy medic and did not live long upon arriving there. I told her I would love to do the run to the wall and be part of this wonderful dedication. As of yet have not been able to do so, but when I got to your site I seen the bracelets etc., that one could get. With out hessitation I placed the order and told my wife that at least I could do this. I will wear it as long as I live for him and all who have given the ulitimate sacrifice and for those also who have return. GOD BLESS AMERICA and the men and women who cared enough to do what they did.    Thank You !!! Steve P ST.Augustine florida                   

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