Monday, February 21, 2011

For USAF Col. Burriss N. Begley

Back in the 70s, I had a POW/MIA bracelet. Somehow it got lost through the years. When I found the website, I was so excited. I now, thanks to you, wear a POW/MIA Bracelet with the name of the same man on it. I never forgot his name. When I first had the bracelet, he was on the MIA list. I have since learned he was killed. His name is Col. Burriss N. Begley, USAF, Dec. 3, 1966, North Vietnam. Somehow I feel very close to him after all these years.

Thank you so much for allowing me to continue wearing Col. Begley's name on my wrist.

Lana G.


Anonymous said...

I too have Col Burriss N Begley's POW-MIA bracelet. I had a chance to finally see his name on a traveling wall when it came to Fairbanks, Alaska. I know how you felt, even as I write this I am over whelmed. After all these years I finally met "my man" and still wear proudly his bracelet. If any one has info on surviving family members I would like to give my bracelet to them.

Kathleen Conley

Anonymous said...

Col. Burriss Begley is my dad's cousin. I know his wife and parents are deceased. My dad has lost contact with his brother, Henry Jr., so we are unsure where he may be. The Begley family is very large in Eastern Kentucy. Please contact me if you get this at

My dad also served in Viet Nam and, fortunately, returned home. He is now 80 and, even though he is younger, talks about Burriss all the time. He even has a picture/memorial on the mantel in the den.

Thanks for honoring Col. Begley by wearing his bracelet and carrying him in your heart.

Donna Begley McIntyre

thatdewd said...

I still have his bracelet too. A returned POW reported seeing his name scratched into the floor of a cell in the Hanoi Hilton. He was one of those left behind by our government. G-d bless him and his family.