Tuesday, January 04, 2011

For SP4 Gary R. Hinther

I got my Memorial Bracelet just after christmas, for a member of my father's family. SP4 Gary R. Hinther USA June 29, 1968 SVN, from Montana. I am very happy with it. I just wanted to thank you! This is a wonderful way to remember the ones that have faught for our country, but never made it home. This way at least their memory lives on & we can take our family members with us where ever we go.
God bless America!!!! We are strong, proud & will always protect our freedom.


Anonymous said...

That's my uncle, i'd like to know were you got it!

Rob said...

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Memorial Bracelets for those lost during the Vietnam War are available at www.MemorialBracelets.com.

The listing for your uncle is located at http://www.memorialbracelets.com/details.php?nameID=78186&eventID=26&name=hinther&category=all&type=lastname&pagenum=1&search=yes