Friday, April 30, 2010


I served with nacho Atanasio Haro-Marin in Iraq. I was one of four soldiers who pulled him off the streets of Balad when he was KIA. A lot of people got medals for that night, but a lot of us just lost a good friend and brutha..

Patrick H.
Sgt US Army
C 3/16 FA 4th ID


Kuhnke said...

He was a great NCO, 3-15 lost a great person. I still think about why we lost him. It been almost ten years and i still remember that night. Your right a lot of people got medals for that night that laid down like a bitch. I'll never forget them either.

SGT Kuhnke (FDC)

Kuhnke said...

I'll never forget Nacho. I remember when pug got his jaw broke. Sgt Haro was there for us. At Fort Knox he took two girls home just cause he was that cool. That night can still be seen when i think about it. SGT Haro will never be forgotten.

Sgt Kuhnke