Saturday, June 06, 2009

To support my Marine Boyfriend

I ordered 2 of the leather bracelets. I ordered an Active Duty Bracelet for me and one for my boyfriend who is currently going through his second deployment. The one I wear shows support for him and a little saying that shows how much he means to me. His, that I will send him has a supportive message. When he is having a rough day over there he can look at his bracelet and know that I love him and that before he knows it he will be on his way back home. 

It's so important to support the troops after what they go through over there. It's what keeps them going. I'm a very proud girlfriend of a Marine and I'm so excited to get to my bracelet . It should be here any day now. I'm very happy this site is out there, we should never forget the ones who have sacrificed there lives for our country. I will be back for bracelets in the future. 

I knew about your site because my brother has lost of friend of his back in 2004. He was killed while in Iraq. My Dad found your site and has a Memorial Bracelet made for the dad of my brothers friend. My Dad and brother ran into the guy a few weeks ago and he still wears the bracelet everyday. He was so touched that my Dad gave it to him. It's so a great way to remember his son and still continues to show his support for our armed forces. 

Thank you very much for all you do .
: ) Semper Fi!

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