Sunday, April 05, 2009

New Tags for Capt. Dean P. St. Pierre

Both Memorial Dog Tags are just beautiful.  This coming December, I will be touring Vietnam and I'm planning on burying my original POW/MIA bracelet if I can part with it.  I'll say a prayer in memory of Capt. Dean P. St. Pierre.  I have a new bracelet I ordered from your company that will keep him always in my memory.  Thank you for helping keep the flame alive.  



Anonymous said...

I too have a Capt. Dean P. St. Pierre bracelet. I often think about him and his family. My sister found her POW/MIA. Which I could say the same.

Anonymous said...

I have an original bracelet that I bought when they first came out. I am wondering if the family of Capt. Pierre would like then bracelet. Although it is something I have had for at least 40 years, I would like it to go to a family member. Thank you, Barbara

Unknown said...

I ordered my second POW/MIA bracelet after I was fortunate enough to meet the man whose bracelet I never took off for I don't remember how long...he was also in the Air Force - Alan Lurie and was held prisoner for I believe 7 years.
I still have Capt. Dean St. Pierre's bracelet because unfortunately he never came home.
I think about all of those who served our country and who still are all of the time. You and your families are always in my prayers.
I just read a blog from someone who learned to swim from Capt. St. Pierre.
It gave me goose bumps because I have been a swimmer my whole life and I am happiest and and at peace around water.
I would love to hear from his family and anyone else that holds a connection to this man.
Thank you for all you did-

monkey said...

In my second move in three years time, i was fortunate to come across my Capt. Dear P. St. Pierre bracelet. I slow to go to the big 'Internet in the sky' so I am just learning of the Capt.s not coming home. I had so hoped and prayed.

Unfortunately there will always be a bracelet available out there to remind one of us, or more as it turns out, to keep hope and prayers occurring for them. Bless them all-each and everyone of them!

Bless the U.S. of A.