Saturday, January 03, 2009

Because My Dad Worked at the Pentagon

In 2002, I was looking for a memorial tear because of a friend of my daughter's who had died in a car accident. While surfing around, I saw  After I ordered the tear, I went to your site and decided to order a bracelet that said "September 11, 2001, In Memory of the Pentagon, DC, USA". 

The reason for the Pentagon bracelet is because my dad used to work at the Pentagon when I was little. I used to visit him there (although I don't remember it at all).  I have a heart for the military and I have seen several young men, sons of my friends, enter the military.  My best friend's twins are in the Air Force.  One of our young men was injured in Iraq and could have died, but has come back home and made amazing progress in his recovery from a broken back.  I have been wearing the bracelet ever since.  It only comes off when I shower or if I'm doing something that causes it to get caught on things.  I recently lost my original bracelet and decided it must be gone for good.  I feel lost myself without it on my wrist. So I ordered a new bracelet and, lo and behold, I found my original bracelet in a place I never would have looked had I not been moving.  So now I have two bracelets and will cherish both of them...and somehow wear or use both of them.
See Ya Forever, 


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