Saturday, September 01, 2007

To Replace my Original POW/MIA Bracelet

My original POW/MIA bracelet was purchased in or around 1972 when I was in high school and was also for Captain Dean P. St Pierre. Like many folks I actively protested the Vietnam War, but I also fiercely supported our military men and women and continue to do so today. The ill treatment of returning soldiers from Southeast Asia by so many is unforgivable in my eyes. My Father served in Korea and Vietnam and I am proud to be the daughter of a veteran. I have not continuously wore my bracelet, but around the first Gulf War, I ran across it and thought it was time to wear it again as a reminder of the sacrifice that is made for our freedom and to keep our military force close to my heart, thoughts and prayers. Over the years, the black lettering has worn off and I was worried that eventually I would no longer be able to read Captain St Pierre's name. In my quest to never forget him, I have occasionally did a little research on the Internet on his name and ran across a link for this company. I never imagined I would be able to duplicate a bracelet with his name, so I was very moved to be able to symbolically keep him near.



Lisa said...

Colonial Stanley S. Clark
USAF Feb.14 Laos

I wore his name on my POW bracelet proudly for years. Somehow, it got lost...I don't even know how, since I never took it off. I want to replace it and wear it again, but don't know how to get one made. I remember him in my head and heart. Proud to be an American and proud of those who serve!

Rob said...

Hi Lisa,

You can still order bracelets engraved with the names of Vietnam POW and those MIA at