Tuesday, May 15, 2007

To Show My Respect For The Marine Corps

I chose a member of the Marine Corps due to my father's service in that branch and also to my deep respect for their training, commitment to the Country, and of course their esprit de corps. Major Michael D. Stover, USMC Operation Iraqi Freedom, Killed in Action June 3, 2006 was my selection due to the fact that he was from my home State of Ohio. By purchasing a memorial bracelet I saw an opportunity to show my dedication and enduring thanks for the freedoms I enjoy as a result of the sacrifices of men and women like Major Stover. In wearing the bracelet not only does his name and memory have an oppotunity to endure and live on it is also my way of saying to his family, friends, the Marine Corps, and my Country that I too am "Semper Fidelis." I am also very appreciative that a portion of the purchase of the bracelet will go to various sources to assist the families. In this regard I believe more should be done. In fact, I believe some means of a stipend should be paid to the families of all those killed in action derived from the countries in which sent these men and women and where they have given the ultimate sacrifice. I don't understand why our government considers a soldier's life to be any less valuable than that of a civilian where in most cases exhorbitant means of restitution are sought and provided. It is my hope that this injustice is corrected and that families like Major Stover's regardless of rank and/or branch of service will be adequately compensated and thus alleviate at the very least the financial burden and stress associated with the loss of their loved one.


May God Bless and watch over all of our troops, guide our leaders to make wise decisions, and to embrace each and every one of our military personnel and their families that are serving and especially to those who make the ultimate sacrifice.

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