Tuesday, August 01, 2006

To Replace Our Bracelets From The 70's

I had ordered one each for my mother, sister and myself. We all wore these bracelets back in the 70's and they had broken and didn't get replaced. I bought my sister hers for her birthday. Was she ever excited! My sister and myself proudly wear the same bracelet as before, Col. Michael O. McElhanon, USAF. We have a personal connection with this brave man's family. We both went to school with his daughters. They are both wonderful people and he would be very proud of them. My mother also proudly wears the same bracelet she wore in the 70's, Henry H. Herren, USNavy. She has done a lot of research on him. He was a Navy photographer when his plan went down.
We are from a very patriot family and proudly wear these bracelets. It is wasn't for the brave men and women of our nation risking their lives, both past and present we wouldn't enjoy the freedoms. There are so many in this nation that take FREEDOM for granted everyday. My ex-husband was in the Air Force, stationed in Fort Worth, Texas in the early 90's. I was very proud to be able to support him and my country, being a miliatary wife.


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