Monday, April 17, 2006

The Bracelet Is A Token Of What She Means To Me

I ordered this bracelet in honor of my fiancée. We went all through high school together. We dated steady all through school. I graduated in 1969, and she in 1970. After one year of college, I had to go into the military due to the draft lottery was initiated. Vietnam scared her so very much and she thought I would never return. It just tore us apart. I never forgot about her. After I got back into the states, I could not find her. Her parents had moved as well. We had been neighbors as well.

After 34 years, I found her!!! was how we got together. I had been checking there for over 8 years before she showed up on it. I sent her a note and after four days, she called me back. Long story short she never forgot me either. She never had gotten rid of anything I had ever given her, included that diamond engagement ring. I am moving from Illinois to the Kansas City area May 5, 2006 and getting married that day. Miracles do still occur... My feet have not touched the ground since reuniting with her. This bracelet is just a token of what she means to me. I thank God for bringing us back together.



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