Thursday, March 30, 2006

He Is A True American Hero

LTC Michael E. McLaughlin, KIA 01/05/2006 is my husband, the father to my 2 beautiful girls, and the love of my life. Mike was killed in Ramadi at the Glass Factory while organizing over 700 Iraqi police recruits. He was told that previous recruiting efforts only brought out few Iraqi men and he would no way be successful. My husband was not one person to be told "things could not or would not happen". His efforts over the 6 months he was in Iraq brought close to 1000 recruits in 2 days. Mike was the Information Operations Officer as well as the Fire Support Office for the 2nd Brigade. He basically created the guidelines for the IOO position and made friends in Ramadi with the Sheiks, community members, etc. He was making a difference as are all of our troops fighting the global war on terrorism. Wearing this bracelet is one large way I can carry on his legacy and his memory. He is a true American Hero to me and everyone who knew him.


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