Sunday, March 27, 2005

To Support My Hero

I ordered it to support my closest friend and hero. He retired two years ago after 30 years of service in the army. The army called him and asked if he would serve a tour in Iraq. He said yes with out blinking (he did not want to retire to start with). He believes that if he goes one young soldier will not have to or at least be delayed. This is such selfless service on his part. He served in Vietnam with the 1st cav as their medic. He was a 2nd LT. He lost a kidney and 2 ribs, spent 3 months in the hospital in Japan and 2 in Ft. Carson. I served with him in the army and he is a father figure to my son who is in the Air National Guard as a F-15 crew chief. We are a proud military family and I wanted to wear this until he comes home safely to me. I wear it proudly with my military uniform. He always wears his when in uniform bearing the name of a soldier lost in Vietnam. He is my hero and I could not imagine life with out him in it.

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