Monday, July 28, 2003

For our Friend Gerard "Rod" Coppola Lost in Tower 1

I bought 2 sizes of the same name.  I  gave the bracelet to my husband as a birthday gift.  He was crushed when he found out our friend was a victim.  I wore a POW bracelet in High School, which I returned to him when he came home.  I also have a bracelet for the only man from Bayonne that did not return from Viet Nam.  

Our friend Gerard "Rod" Coppola worked for WNET as an engineer and he split his time between the towers and the studio.  He was in tower 1 above the impact zone, so he never came down.  His remains were found Christmas day 2001.

I am an RN at Bayonne Medical Center in New Jersey, across the river from Ground Zero.  We received patients that were able to RUN from the towers.  I was privileged to take care of some of these brave people.  I will never forget that terrible day.  I will never forget those patients and the stories they told.  I can no longer hear "God Bless America" without crying or having a lump in my throat. I will never forget.  I WILL NEVER FORGET. 

Margie-Ann F.

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