Friday, May 16, 2003

For Native American Lori Ann Piestewa

I chose to order two bracelets one to support our troops and one to remember a very dedicated lady and a native American who paid the highest price to be an American and the first native American female killed in combat defending her country’s right to exist. I do believe that women have the right to fight for their country just like the men and if they choose a combat job then they should be taken care of the best that is possible just like the men. No better no worse as they knew when they stepped into hell that it was a crap shoot if they would get home again and chose to continue. I am so proud of all the women who had anything to do with this war.

I got so sick of all the bad press that was and still is floating around by so called concerned politicians who really only care about their jobs not our young people who are dying for our right to be on this earth. I remember well what it was like when the Viet Nam War was going on and the troops being spit on and had garbage thrown at them when they came home. I am a disabled vet my self and will never walk away from a fight to defend our troops as they go were they are told and do the job they are told to do and some come home some don’t and still others wish they didn’t. War takes the feeling of life out of you as you are asked to kill other human beings. 

Nothing and no training can make this go away, what must be done is to accept you did the best you could to get home yourself and bring your bodies home too but that doesn’t always happen. The question was what do we do until the first GI stepped into harms way. Then the question was what is needed and how fast and how much and where. No expense is to great to support our young men and women in uniform. We must show them and the world nothing is more important  then their safety and to get them back home safe.

Lori Ann Piestewa gave her all for her country and no one can ask for more of any one of us and it is fitting that she should be remembered by all of her nation. Sleep well Lori you have done you mission here now it is up to those of left to make it worth the price you paid. Good night little one from kenyuta your brother of origin and service.

Stewart P.

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